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6 Ways to Get Flawless Skin (like a models)

1. Use toner instead of face wash in the morning.

If you've noticed that you get intensely greasy and suffer from breakouts despite all efforts to stop producing sebum, you only have yourself to blame. Washing your face too frequently can strip your skin of its natural oils, throwing your complexion's balance out of whack.

2. Reduce your sugar intake and keep your weight consistent.

Besides being excellent for your health, cutting back on sugar benefits your skin.  Avoiding sweet treats can actually help you avoid aging.

3. Make regular facial appointments.

You can heal your skin and prevent a lot of damage receiving monthly facials. Most people wait until they have the problem to treat it, but they should just take the basic steps in caring for it to prevent it.

4.  Occasionally skip the sunscreen.

Not only will this prevent breakouts (typically caused by physical sunscreens), but you'll also be able to get your daily dose of vitamin D.

5. Moisturize and keep hydrated daily.

Drinking water plus applying moisturizer regularly will keep your skin radiant, clear, and wrinkle free.

6. Exercise Daily

When you exercise, blood and nutrients rush to the surface of your skin, stimulating it and keeping your appearance young and healthy!